Saturday, January 24, 2009

Mosley Dominates!!

That shows how much I know about boxing. I understand that I was wrong in my prediction and I give Mosley all the credit, he fought an outstanding fight from start to finish. Mosley won by KO in the 9th round, even though it should have ended in the 8th round since Margarito's corner wanted to stop the fight. Margarito is a warrior he didn't want to quit he would rather get knocked-out then to quit and that's a sign of a warrior.

Mosley at 37 years-old came in and looked great, he came in to the fight with passion, he dominated the entire fight. He had a great game plan, his hand speed is still one of the greatest in boxing today, and he established the tone of the fight and never let Margarito get into his comfort zone. On the other hand Margarito seemed lost, margarito said "today just wasn't my day,"

“I felt I was boxing pretty good. The one thing about the Mexicans is they always come to give you a good fight.”Mosley said.

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